Nothing is left to chance.

BBR pursues perfection in every production step.

The idea, suggested by the customer, develops in our company according to the following steps:


BBR designs the mold via CAD, by using the powerful CAD/CAM software produced by OPEN MIND corporation.

software CAD/CAM

photo 1: CAD/CAM software


The project is sent to the customer, and every part of it is compared to the customer's expectations and requirements.


Special materials, such as titanium, peek, CU-BE or materials produced via Powder Metallurgy techniques, are selected. We choose the material with the help of leading companies such BOHLER-UDDEHOLM.



The manufacturing process starts. Various workings are performed, such as rough-shaping, pre-finishing and finishing, and different machines are used, such as grinders and fast working tools.

Centro di lavoro MAKINO

photo 2: fast MAKINO machining system

Jones & Shipman grinder
OKUMA MB-56VA machining system

photo 3: STUDER S21 grinder

photo 4: OKUMA MB-56VA machining system


Final dimensional check of the product, via Nikon microscope, TRIMOS altimeter and other tools in metrology room.

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